Original title: Voda do grla
English title: Water to Heads

Documentary, duration 28 min.
Original format: HD
Audio: STEREO 2.0, Croatian
Subtitles: English
Aspect ratio: 16:9 anamorphic
Screening format: DCP, HDCAM, Digital Beta

Screenwriter and sDirector: Daniel Pavlic
Director of photography: Daniel Pavlic
Editing: Branko Istvancic
Sound: Pere Istvancic
Music composer: Pere Istvancic
Production: Artizana

Hrvatska  Kostajnica is a small town on the banks of the river Una. This is the beginning of Europe but the locals feel that they are on the edge of Europe, because in addition to economic problems, their problems usually begin with the rain drops. They really feel “water up to the neck”, because in addition to the social disasters, this natural disasters, keep them in suspense which obviously does not monitor the end ...