Bloody Grape Harvest
Krvava berba grožđa

Original title: Krvava berba grozdja
English title: Bloody Grape Harvest

Documentary, duration 52 min.
Original format: HD, color
Audio: STEREO 2.0, Croatian
Subtitles: English
Aspect ratio: 16:9 anamorphic
Screening format: DCP

Director and screenwriter: Silvio Mirosnicenko
Producer: Antun Ivankovic
Director of photography: Darko Krakar
Editing: Silvije Magdic
Sound: Vilim Novosel
Music composer and sound design: Pere Istvancic
Production: Udruga Dr. Ante Starcevic Tovarnik

The film depicts the surviving villagers of the Croatian village Lovas who experienced war crimes by the paramilitary Serb unit and the Yugoslav People's Army who occupied the village on 10 October 1991. During that occupation they committed a war crime by killing 70 people. Civilians were killed by garages and houses, and 21 people died after they made them walk the minefield, as evidenced by survivors.